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Keep your Pet

well taken care of

Rockville's Premiere Pet Salon

If you can’t find an appointment online, please call us and we may be able to help and squeeze you in!

Join us every Saturday for client appreciation day


What are you looking for?

Dog Grooming


Keep your pet looking and feeling great with our grooming services!

Your best buddy will be getting compliments on how they look so beautiful

Two dogs


Have to go away for a bit? We have you covered! Your pet will be able to relax and have fun in our safe facility.

It'll be like their own mini vacation!

Golden Dog


Your pet can spend a few hours hanging out with other dogs, all while playing with our toys, relaxing on plenty of comfy dog beds, and getting outdoor tim

Our Services

Groomingville Pet Salon and Day Care was established in 2002 with the experience, deep affection and dedication by Susana and Marco Zimmermann; master groomers and certified dog trainers in obedience, agility and shutzhund. Owner presence and well trained, experienced staff, offer the highest standards in home pet care and costumer services. we welcome feed back to provide the best customer and pet satisfaction.


We guarantee our services


We treat your pets like its our own




What our clients say

"First time coming, the dogs smell great, they look clean and fresh

The staff was really friendly!

Plus it's always good to support your local business!!"

Julissa Q.

These wonderful and brave souls took in all 4 of my cats on the same day. They gave them a bath and trimmed their nails. My little babes came home pissed off like hell at me but they smelled so sweet I just gave them extra cuddles and treats and all was good again.

Can I give them 10 stars?

Great customer service and friendly staff. They call when they say they will and everyone there is just so friendly.

Kendall J.

"Rockville's hidden treasures for pets. This place is amazing. They treated chop the dog like a king. They're very loving and caring, they don't rush you, the dogs get to have a play date together and they are all so calm. I looooove this place."

Kia J.


Caring for your pet is our best trait

With a background in dog training, agility, and nutrition, our experts take more than the necessary steps to care for our clients' pets. We understand that they are more than an animal.

They're family. 

That is why we strive to give the utmost care and attention to your beloved pet. Whether they are at our facility for a routine grooming, or hanging out with us for more than a week, we make sure that we provide our absolute service to them. 

Peeping Dog

If you can’t find an appointment online, please call us and we may be able to help and squeeze you in!


Lookin' good, Pups!


Have your dog feel and look great!

If you can’t find an appointment online, please call us and we may be able to help and squeeze you in!

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